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"Make your Robot Move" by Don Kaluzny is the manual Lego should have shipped with the MINDSTORMS system. We run workshops with thousands of students each year and have found this book to be the best resource purchased to date. Large detailed illustrations form the backbone of Don's instructions as he introduces the basics to the beginners and then elevates them to advanced concepts that are rarely covered in other books. Brick Works Academy has been expanding at an exponential rate and this book has played an important role in elevating staff and student’s skills.

David G.

Don does a nice job with this one.  The book covers many topics that are typically glanced over with other publications.  The bottom line is that the EV3 is a mechanical system with a lot of slop, and many competitive robot groups expect too much of the robot without an understanding of what it takes to make a robot move effectively.  This book discusses several ways to make the robot move accurately and rely on sensors rather than odometery.  The sections on acceleration are very well written bridge most competitive teams deficiencies of trying to make a fast robot that can start and stop consistently without skidding and jolting.

Andrew B.

Don's work is near comprehensive, and functions as a fantastic introduction to MINDSTORMS robotics. What makes it better than some other resources out there is that it then continues into more advanced concepts without losing the audience. There are some good tips and tricks for the advanced user as well, but total beginners, and beginners who want to move to the next step are the core audience. It is a much needed bridge for that process.

Alex C.

Free Motion

Point Turns

Gyro Assisted Point Turns

High Speed or Fixed Radius Turns

Line Following

Gyro Following

Wall Following