Part 4: Turning

Until this point, all of the programs and My Blocks focused on moving forwards or backwards in a straight line. Now it’s time for us to turn our attention to something new. Turning. In the next three chapters we will focus on three types of turns including:

  • —Point Turns,
  • —High Speed or Fixed Radius Turns, and
  • —Point Turns with Gyro Assist

Point Turns are a simple and quick way to turn your robot. During a point turn, the wheels spin in opposite directions and your robot turns. The programs presented in this chapter allow you to control both the direction, left or right, and the angle of the turn.

High Speed or Fixed Radius Turns are more like the turns we make when driving a car and allow your robot to smoothly continue through a turn at high speed.

Point Turns with Gyro Assist rely on the Gyro Sensor to help it determine when the turn is complete.