Volume 4: My Blocks and Using Data

Created for the expert LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 user.

My Blocks are a very amazing and powerful programming tool. They allow you to replace a group of programming blocks, or an entire program, that you can use over and over again with a custom-programming block. In your program, and any other program you create, all that will appear is the My Block programming block.

My Blocks can be used for tasks that you want your robot to perform repeatedly.

We love My Blocks so much that we include two chapters to showcase different techniques for creating my blocks.

For Using Data, we examine three uses of data:

  • Displaying Data on the EV3 Display
  • Data Logging
  • Writing and Reading Data

Think of using data as creating a block box data recorder for your robot with the ability to help you trouble-shoot programs with the ultimate goal of improving program (robot) performance.