Part 7: Using Data

—This part of the book focuses on finding out what is going on while your program is executing. We examine three uses of data: Displaying Data on the EV3 Display; Data Logging; and Writing and Reading Data. 

—In its simplest form, Displaying Data on the EV3 screen will allow you to see: variable values; the results of calculations; and sensor data; directly on the EV3 display.

—Data Logging is a feature of the Educational software that allows you to graph data from the Rotation Sensor, the Colour Sensor, the Gyro Sensor, and the Ultrasonic Sensor.

—The programs and techniques of Writing and Reading Data will allow you to record single or multiple data values and export the data to a spreadsheet for analysis and interpretation. This is kind of like creating a black box data recorder for robot telemetry.

All of the above can be used to trouble-shoot programs with the ultimate goal of improving program (robot) performance.