Volume 2: Moving with Sensors

Created for the intermediate LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 user.

Volume 2 introduces the concept of moving with sensors. By utilizing the Light/Colour Sensor, Gyro Sensor, and Ultrasonic Sensor, you will learn how to create programs for: Line (Edge) Following, Follow a Heading (Gyro Following), and Wall Following.

All of these programs rely on proportional steering control to control robot movement. Our unique Wall Following program relies on two point of reference – by comparing the latest measurement to the previous measurement, the program is able to determine the robots orientation: facing the wall, facing away from the wall, or parallel to the wall.

But wait, there’s more. In addition to controlling robot motion over a specified distance, we also include the following variations, just in case you want to move your EV3 to”

  • a coloured line
  • until it is a specified distance from an object, as measured with and Ultrasonic Sensor
  • until the Touch Sensor detects an obstacle

Because sometimes, we can’t rely on distance travelled alone.